by Get Damned

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released August 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Get Damned Atlanta, Georgia

Girl vox and thrashy punk hardcore from Atlanta, Georgia.

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Track Name: Crack Rockets
I found some ashes in this pot of gold
Tried my best to rinse it out but
They soaked into my pores and I know
I've got to hold it in this time
It will resurface down the line
If we could only freeze the tides
Build more houses on the shoreline
To secure safe harbor
We were taught to follow (not to lead)
Through waves of green
And clips for teeth (they filter feed)
I really am starting to doubt
I can find the truth by myself
Light it breaks
Over the shimmering wake
Pearls they lie
Too far down for me to reach
Fertile life
Blooms in the shallow sea
Narcosis is in full swing
I really am starting to doubt
I can find the truth by myself
Bide your time
Ashes roll with tide
Bide your time
Words they break-so can I
Take a dive
I really am starting to doubt
I can find the truth by myself
How does it feel to waste all your time
Chasing dollar signs?
Take a dive down
Filter Feed
Harvest sovreignty
Idolize those who suck us dry.
Track Name: Maria, pack your shit
I framed you, I framed me
In my head
We have red wings
Ending war on punctured feet
Spearing shadows with rusted sheets
Lowered head, cut to scene
Streetlamp shrouded fantasy
In streaming colors and fleeting beats
Smiling sweet pornography
You beat off to her screams
I can't have this obscene
Climax soiled in defeat
Cumshot tailored to widescreen
Stomach semen poured from bleach
And fog machines
The wings are green
The Shadow is me
So many times I've dreamed
Of these hands, your face
This fucking lead pipe
And you wonder why your teeth are breaking
I can't fake it
I'm failing pages
Track Name: Ukrainian Rape Whistle
Oh Man! I'm feeling right as rain
Give me another, I swear just one more
I never wanna be in pain again
Purple pills and shattered windows
Strap locks and a TV set
"You've got the wrong guy," I tell them
"Did you know she died in this bed?"
You say this is house of holy
I say it's a living Hell
Since the day that I walked in
I never was feeling well
The cards are on the table
Nevermind they're in my bed
I'll never make it out alive
Might as well do the pants dance
I can't even make a sentence
My teeth are wearing low
I laughed right out my skin
I'm turning fucking blue
Take a step back from me
What lies behind those eyes
Take a step back from me
You put me in a goddamn trance!
Tables of checkers and seats full of shit
I don't think I'm gonna make it
Every roach I count is my best friend
I'll lose them all in the bitter end
I've lost my fucking marbles
I don't know where to sit
I don't know where to put my hands
I think you're full of shit
My sense has left the building
It walked out to get a drink
My guts fell out my backside
Leave them in the kitchen sink
The voices I hear
Do you fucking hear them too?
There's a crucifix glued to my shoe.